According to the dictionary definition, consulting is: providing professional advice. In order to provide such advice reliably and professionally, appropriate experience and knowledge are necessary, and this is the strength of the Geltag team. Each of us, in addition to thorough economic education, has many years of professional practice, most often related to corporate banking, real estate and financing. Internal cooperation and constant improvement of qualifications means that our company is able to advise on absolutely every business transaction.

Geltag Fiansowanie
Geltag Fiansowanie
Geltag Fiansowanie

Our partners are the best notary, legal and architectural offices. We have direct cooperation agreements with tax advisers and property appraisers.

Our business partners are the best notary, legal and architectural offices. We work directly with professional tax advisers, property appraisers, notary and legal offices.

We derive our knowledge and experience from hundreds of transactions of our clients and contractors. We work with the Silesian cooperative banking community on a daily basis, which also translates into access to very important information from the business point of view.
The confirmation of the above words are dozens of references from our clients, which you can find on our website.

As part of the offer, GELTAG Ltd. specializes in the following consulting and financial services:

  • supervision and financial control of investments,
  • structuring of business transactions,
  • consulting and analysis in the field of real estate projects,
  • preparation of business plans, feasibility studies and financial analyzes,
  • Financial intermediation,
  • consultancy in the field of restructuring and optimization of operations,
  • obtaining financing for investments for business clients,
  • obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate for individuals,
  • performing property and machinery surveys.

Thanks to cooperation with GELTAG, our clients have completed a number of business projects, including:

  • top-class hotels, built in historic buildings under full conservation supervision,
  • guesthouses, modern hostels and other investments on the accommodation and tourist market,
  • various complexes of apartments, flats and houses in tourist destinations such as Wisła, Ustroń, Szczyrk, Kraków and towns on the Baltic Sea,
  • import of vegetables from South America thanks to a seven-digit letter of credit,
  • a wind farm with an investment budget of a high ten-digit amount in EUR, along with the use of derivatives to hedge the exchange rate risk,
  • over 100 built and sold multi-family and single-family development projects,
  • a number of kindergartens and private schools,
  • entertainment buildings and investments, such as pubs, bowling alleys,
  • financial and economic analyzes for one of the largest housing cooperatives in southern Poland,
  • analyzes and consultancy in the implementation of real estate projects for selected Social Housing Associations from Upper Silesia

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