"In the opinion of most analysts, and more importantly ordinary people, real estate is the safest asset you can have."

For many years, we have been offering comprehensive consultancy and brokerage services in the field of real estate. We are a regional company and our offer is addressed in particular to micro and small developers, as well as to entrepreneurs and natural persons who want to involve their capital in the commercial and residential real estate market. Our team members have a number of real estate broker and property manager licenses as well as drone pilot licenses. The average annual sum of transactions on the real estate market carried out with our participation is at least several dozen million PLN, the activity is covered by third party liability insurance with a policy value of over 4 million PLN.

We work with cooperative and commercial banks, as well as Private Investors. Our partners are selected the best architectural, legal and notary offices. We provide comprehensive services for development projects on the primary market.

We professionally advise and mediate in transactions and trading in significant investment real estate, including, for example, complexes of halls and warehouses, areas for significant multi-family and single-family housing, ready-made development projects, utility, commercial and office buildings. We have significant experience in selling local real estate to foreign investors starting their business in Poland.

We comprehensively support real estate transactions, advise and assist in their finalization by providing the following services:

  • searching for properties that meet the expectations of our clients,
  • effective sale and rental of land, investment, residential and commercial real estate,
  • effective sale and rental of large commercial real estate (office buildings, retail parks, entire residential projects),
  • comprehensive marketing services for residential and office projects,
  • preparing concepts for the reconstruction of buildings or the development of areas intended for development,
  • financial analyzes of projects and investments,
  • obtaining financing related to the purchase of real estate,
  • consultancy in the field of commercialization, projects, budget assumptions and methods of implementing real estate investments.

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